Sunday, 28 October 2012

Movie Recommended: Ruby Sparks (2012)

Do not miss this romantic drama-comedy by the same directors of Little Miss Sunshine , it's a different witty film about a famous young novelist,Calvin who starts dreaming of a girl that will become the protagonist of his next novel. All starts when he is in trouble to get inspiration to produce his next best seller until one day his psychiatrist recommends him to write about someone who loves his dog , Scotty. The writer will dream that night again of Ruby and this time she meets his dog and shows affection for him even drawing a portrait of his little cute lazy dog Scotty. From that moment on ,Calvin will become obsessed with this girl so much, that one day miraculously she shows up in his apartment ! From that moment on they start a magical relationship. Some of the highlights for me, the moment Ruby shows up in his apartment and he cannot believe it LOL; when she starts talking in French; when they meet Calvin's family; when Ruby starts having moods changes lol ETC ETC .  Their love story is so beautiful, specially at the beginning, it will become complicated later like all relationships. Don't want to tell you much more but believe me you will like this one. American young actor Paul Dano that also belongs to Little Miss Sunshine cast , plays an excellent role and American actress Zoe Kanan also portrays beautifully the delicate sweet Ruby. Even Antonio Banderas has a small role in this film, not very stellar but funny. So if you were looking for a good movie to watch, don't miss this one!!! If you want other opinions about this film, rottentomatoes page give it a score of 81% to me it's a 90%!!!

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