Sunday, 14 October 2012

One of best movies I have seen lately: "Untouchable" (2012) by Belén Delgado

And this French comedy-drama has made our day, long time I haven't seen a film that has touched my heart and made me laugh at the same time like this one, even at the end I cried , so many feelings in 113 minutes. What is most appealing is that it's based on a true story and that the relationship that both protagonists: Quadriplegic millionaire Philippe & cheeky Driss have is so special that you enjoying watching them together. What witty dialogues , accompanied by very cleverly chosen soundtrack in the wonderful city of Paris. I don't want to tell you much , just that please see it in the original version with subtitles , avoid dubbed versions of it. Some of the highlights for me, the scenes when they go paragliding, When the classical band try to convince Driss so that he gets to like classical music, the very beginning of the film and of course I loved the end. The words that would describe better this movie are: inspirational, funny & beautiful.  I'm very glad i have chosen to see this one , something different for a change. Thanx Colette for the recommendation!

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