Saturday, 6 October 2012

Movie Recommended: "Taken 2" by Belén Delgado

We happened to be lucky and we could watch on TV "Taken" (the first movie) a day before going to see "Taken 2", just by chance, as I was doing zapping, I saw they were showing it and couldn't stop watching! You definitely need to have seen Taken 1 to enjoy fully Taken 2. I'd love to have a father like Bryan Mills, a retired CIA agent unstoppable who would do anything for his family (he actually kills a whole Albanian mafia living in Paris in Taken 1 to rescue his daughter, the French people should build a statue of him lol). What a feeling to receive a call from your father telling you " Liten to me carefully, Kim, you are going to be taken"  and on Taken 2, she receives a similar call because, of course, the whole Albanian Mafia that he killed on Taken 1 had a family, a family that wanted revenge and I have the feeling that it would be a Taken 3 lol (if there is a taken 3 and I'm the daughter I wouldn't answer the phone..). Mcgiver is a beginner in comparison with Bryan's skills( played by fab Irish actor Liam Neelson)Not sure if this film is for everyone taste, though, I just like Liam Neeson, the way he talks, the way he acts, punches, runs .. I think he is class and I'm fascinated by the role he plays. If you ask me which one is better Taken 1 or 2, I'll probably answer the first one but still we liked a lot Taken 2. But remember that you need to have seen Taken 1 since there are flashbacks about the first movie in this one and you will not understand it if you haven't seen Taken (1). I finish off with one of my favorite lines of this film " Can you shoot" ; No: then drive!" So what are you waiting for? Go to the cinema !! Have just recommended you 2 great action films (Looper in my previous post and now Taken 2!)

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