Saturday, 13 October 2012

Recommended book: " A street Cat named Bob"

Today I have finished reading this beautiful warmhearted true story about the relationship of a cat called Bob and his companion: James Bowen. What really made me want to read this book was the first time I saw on you tube how James and Bob were busking in London streets, there was something special about them, and Bob just looks like my cat Pepe , and in a way our cat also changed our lives for the best, he's our most loyal companion taking into account that my husband and I also live very far from our families and only have each other ando now Pepe, too.

You can certainly understand the relationship they have after reading the book, there is no fiction or fancy anecdotes , it's a touching story that to my mind, should inspire many drug-addicts or people living on the streets who have lost hope, there is always a door open to change, you just need to find it and don't give up. Street cat Bob really changed Jame's life as he describes in the book, they just met at the time when James needed help to overcome his addiction to heroine. The fact that he needed to take care of him because he was hurt when he found him and since them Bob wanted to give back the love and caring that James gave him. James said that Bob changed his life but I think they both belong together and both lives changed when they met. This book has helped me to understand a bit better how people living on the streets feel, invisible to society ,as James described and how in this case, Bob made him "visible" again to passers-by on the streets of London. I even learned a few tips about cats and how tough it can be when people judge you just from your appearance ; I definitely was not aware of the whole process to become sellers of "Big issues" , it's really a business behind which helps people with few opportunities and "big issues" sellers need to buy the magazines in advanced before they sell them. If you ask me if I would recommend this book, hell yeah please do buy it and read it, I'm actually a bit sad that I cannot read more about James and Bob lives ( I didn't want it to end..)! I could definitely see some similarities in relation to how my ginger Irish cat, Pepe behaves sometimes  and I loved that!; I could also picture some of the scenes, I was even scared about Jame's and Bob's safety in some of "the lines" ( specially the bulldog story..), I do hope your life has improved after this book being n.1 best seller in U.k. , with their own facebook fanpage (with almost 8.000 fans, my cat Pepe has only 62 lol and twitter (with more than 10.000 followers)! By the way, as I was finishing reading the book, my cat was all the time with me, it looks like he really wanted to know the end lol. Last but not least, I want to dedicate this humble review to James and Bob whom I expect to meet one day in London and of course, if you two come to Ireland one day, let me know. James please go on leaving your life as you are now, even if your family is in Australia, you will always have Bob and now thousand of fans who want the best for you both.

I leave you with a photo of my cat the day I got the book anda video of James and Bob (there are many more on youtube if you want to have a look)

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