Sunday, 4 November 2012

For James Bond lovers not for me: Skyfall (2012)

Taking into account that I'm not a James Bond's fan and that I went to see Skyfall because my husband wanted to see it, do not expect from this short and humble review that I'm going to say that it was the best movie of the year. What I liked most about it was Adelle's song "Skyfall", Spanish great actor intervention , Javier Bardem because he is great playing the bad guy and I cannot deny that, and I also loved the landscapes (specially the parts set in Scotland) and London's surroundings. I was hoping that on this movie, finally , Javier could get rid of James Bond but no, no surprises not even super villain Silva (Javier's role) could kill the invincible Bond, James Bond (of course he repeats this line again..). I was bored.. same stuff as usual..., self promotion of James Bond, expensive cars, chasing and fighting, beautiful women and not very clever dialogues and gee so long (143 mins!!) !!!. And come on the laptops shown on the movie, are VAIO (sony)??? they didn't even have Macs???!!! I wes even apple found James Bond obsolete, too modern for the film. I wonder how much  money they got from Sony to promote their slows laptops (I had a vaio and I know what I'm talking about.. slowest computer ever!!). How many more of these movies are going to be released? seriously!!  Have to say that of course my husband loved the film and like him, I'm sure many James Bond's fans will love it,too so if you are a fan of Bond, don't miss it! As I explained at the very beginning, this is the opinion of someone who does not understand James Bond's character..,what message is he trying to portray? That having a good body, money,cars and sleeping with beautiful stranger women is what makes you better than the rest ?? Come onnnnn!! Welcome to the reality of regular people with regular cars , with a regular salaries and who may be in love with a woman who is not super hot but may have something else to offer and maybe a brain, too?!

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