Monday, 12 November 2012

Recommended concert: David Garret (Nuremberg,2012)

I got the tickets for my husband as he's a big fan of this highly talented German-American violinist: David Garret (real name: David Bongartz)to see him at concert in Nuremberg (yeah we flew from Ireland just to see him!). Tickets were not cheap since he's very well-known in Germany and his concerts are usually sold-out due to their uniqueness and mixture of music styles, mainly classical and rock music blended by the Frankfurt Philharmonic orchestra, a pianist, 2 guitarists  a drummer all leaded by the violinist David Garret among beautiful female dancers and a giant screen in the back playing images of Garret's performances and even short stories in between the songs (al introduced by Garret's himself). Among some of the stories, David told us was that he was amazed to find his dvds in the black market in Bangkok LOL. To me, it was a great experience just making my husband so happy, he was totally carried away by the melodies, checking with his binoculars the way David G. played his violin. I have nothing bad to say about this concert, pure raw talent in an experience I have not had before. Even not being a big fan of him, I cannot deny the excellence of his performance (it made me overcome my fear of being surrounded by such a big crowd!). He has it all: great looks (he used to be a model), talent and originality in his versions of classical songs. He didn't stop smiling throughout the show, you could tell that he was really enjoying every moment of his performance, so was the audience (by the way, Nuremberg Arena, was packed!!! We were lucky to be in the second row, Andrés did not need the glasses!). One lucky fan was taken to the stage where Garret played a song seating close to her, amazingly enough she remained calm and did not even touch D. Garret, my respect to her!. Some of the highlights for me were the song of Pulp Fiction, the end with his version of Beatles's song "Let it be", Highway to Hell, "Cry me a river", "We will Rock you", "He's a pirate", "Smells like Teen spirit" and his performance of James Bond's soundtrack where he was playing James Bond in a video in the background. Last but not least, yeah you could tell that he knows that he's very talented and loves himself (and music), specially due to the facial expressions he did but no surprises there, I'd also be like him if I was so talented! What a pity that he only goes on tour mostly around Italy, , USA, Australia and some parts of Asia, the rest of the world is missing his concerts! An unforgettable concert for us, the first time I have seen my husband's tears out of joy when listening to the music live. Thank you Garret!!! I leave you with one of my favorite songs:

here you can find his official page with tour dates and videos:

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