Monday, 14 March 2011

A Musical to remember: Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde (March 2011)

I went to see this musical for 2 reasons> 1. "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" is a novel my husband likes very much and 2. I went to see the lead singer of the 80ies band"wet,wet,wet" in a musical (being a musical lover!no wonder here!).I was also curious to see how a dramatic, thrilling and a philosophical novel could be shown in a musical. I was nicely surprised by the quality of it: Modern settings and quick changes of stages (no idea how they did it, things were moving on their own!), big cast of singers who also could act very well! My favorite was of course, the Scottish "wet,wet,wet" lead singer: Marti Pellow playing Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde! What a lively guy and what a strong voice, i got goose pimple when he hit some high notes!! And what acting skills he has,too! Geee he was scary when he drank the potion and became Mr Hyde (We thought it may have been a powerful redbull lol,he is in a good shape to be 45 years old)! His hair went loose and his look and way of talking changed dramatically! Of course he was much more appealing being Mr Hyde than boring moral Mr Jekyll! Definitely "bad" people are more attractive! The prostitute "Lucy"was the best female singer for me and for most of the audience ,i'd say since she got the most applauses, along with Marti. MR Jekyll fiancee's had also a sweet voice but maybe as she played the moral and boring woman of the Victorian society, i wasn't impressed by her. I have to say that the musical has been adapted and it was more a soap opera style and even funny sometimes but it respected the original plot of duality in the personalities and the distinction between the good side and bad side of people. I specially like the scene when he sang along with his bad side being reflected in the screen! If you have a chance to see this broadway hit, do not miss it,it's a nice mixture of classical British 19th century theatre and excellent music accompanied by a live orchestra. You could feel that they love what they do and at the end when the whole Docklands audience stand up applauding loudly, you could see happiness in Marti's face and the whole cast! It was worth it the 61 euros I paid! I finish this humble review with a sentence that says a lot: If someone banishes all evil to the unconscious mind in an attempt to be wholly and completely good, it can result in the development of a Mr Hyde-type aspect to that person's character (taken from Sanford, John A. Evil The Shadow Side of Reality. Crossroad (1981))"

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