Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Adjustment Bureau (2011) -> DO not waste your time!!

Those who know me know that I'm a big fan of Matt Demon since Talented Mr Ripley and I have to admit that I had high expectations before going to see "Adjustment Bureau". A work colleague tried to warn me, telling me that the film didn't blow him away..,i should have listen to him ! Allan, you were damm right!Why am i so stubborn?!! The plot didn't convince me at all: Some guys that were supposed to design a plan of your life in notebooks and the only thing that distinguish them from regular people was that they were always wearing a hat (This reminds me a bit of Momo and the grey gentlemen..,not very original..i insist)and that water does not let them predict what is going to happen (wow!! 10 points there!) COME ON!! be more creative, man!!! And what about the cheesy end??!!! they should both have been reset! The only thing i liked was the paranoia with the doors going from one place to the other, i'd love to have one of those doors to be able to see my family! And can someone explain to me what was the stupid point of the 2 protagonists not being able to be together??!! BULLSHIT!!! so you can't be a senator in the USA and be in love or a successful dancer and be in love??!! What is the moral of the story , that successful people do not have time to be in love?

I should have spent my precious free time watching another film. What's going on now? it seems that after watching so many Oscar nominated and good films now there are none..ARGGG

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