Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Eagle (2011) - BORING BUUU!! DO NOT GO!

BORING,bad acting and not a strong plot to follow. If i was golden eagle , i would have also left, out of boredom!! GEEEEE!!Chaning Tatum,if you read this, yes you are very hot but please LEARN TO ACT! Some of his lines made us laugh when they were supposed to be dramatic lol at least in "Step up" you could dance! Cute British actor James Bell, played a better role but still doesn't help. I'd have loved to see him dancing like in Billy Elliot (he's still good-looking but I think he lost his dancing skills..some time ago..), at least it would have been somehing good out of it. In the middle of the movie we thought of leaving but in the end we decided to stay..wrong didn't improve.., gee a whole movie to see how they get back a piece of metal that belonged to his father legion..WHO CARESSSSSSSSSSSS??!!!


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