Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Hall Pass (2011) - good movie to have a laugh!

I needed a stupid humorous American movie to have a laugh and disconnect and this is what i got,lol (Thanx, Hollywood!!). Some laughs were actually very loud, Andres laughed suspiciously loud, i think he could relate to the 2 male protagonists in some of the scenes, as many males in the audience, who i would say laughed much more loudly than the female watchers like me! This movie it's about 2 married men that get a week off their matrimonies where they can do whatever they want to, this week is called "hall pass" ( a dream that many married men would love to come true..). In this week, many things will happen, some of my favorite scenes were the ones with the short lunatic guy on the car trying to kill them both ,when Owen nilson (Rick) passed away in the gym, when Owen and Jason tried to flirt using their written sentences like the one referring to Dublin LOL.

I truly recommend this comedy, do not expect a deep story or a shocking end, it's just good to have fun!

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