Sunday, 27 March 2011

Kylie Minogue Concert, 23 March 2011,O2 Dublin

No need to say that Kylie has a great show on her tour "Les Folies". Surrounded by acrobatic, fit dancers, great back singers, different changes of colorful clothing. Full of positive energy and a lively atmosphere! Kylie was so nice to us, she talked a lot to the audience, brought a couple of fans to the stage and even was brave enough to sing a part of one of one of her songs "it's in your eyes", imitating the Irish accent! The only piece of criticism i have is that as Kylie is so short , even though she was wearing high-heels, sometimes when she moved to the other side of the stage, we couldn't see her! The Stage was designed for the people who were seating,not for the standing audience. Before Kylie came to stage there was a poor quality girl band, dont even remember their name and after that there was a d.j. playing for an was eternal because we all wanted to see Kylie!! The concert started at 8 and it ended up at around 23.30 if I remember well. Some of my favorite tunes were of course, the last 2, "In a night like this" and "all the lovers", which was performed with the magnificent human fountain full of dancers and Kylie in the middle! Amazing! I also liked "get out of my way" and the song "looking for an angel"and "closer" that she sang on top oa black male dancer dressed like an angel and they were both hanging in the air!or some 80ies hits like "Better the devil you know" which all the audience sang along! It's unbelievably in good shape Kylie is and so happy/go/lucky! She smiled and danced all the way through! I have to say that her back singers helped her a lot ,they have strong voices and to be honest some times we weren't sure if she was actually singing or not but fair play to her because she has an excellent show that we didn't want it to end!

Last but not least, Kylie's show is clearly aimed at the gay community, it's done in an exuberant way, it has different influences, clearly from Paris' Moulin Rouge's shows, Arabic influences, pop-dance and circus flavor due to the acrobatics in the air. She clearly chose carefully her gorgeous-looking male dancers! Gee!! There is something for any one! It's not vulgar or tasteless ,it's done in style and with a big budget!

I'm happy I got to see Kylie after being so sick, I thought i would never had a chance to see her live , it seems that she never had cancer, she looks totally healthy! Thanx Kylie for sharing your show with us!

This video is not a good quality but you can see how the concert ended and get an was the best of the night!

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