Monday, 28 February 2011

Oscars 2011, humble review (winners and red carpet moments)

What do you think of the oscar winners?? I very much agree with Natalie's Portman oscar for the best actress (I hate her, she even looked beautiful in that violet dress with her 7-month pregnant belly!), I'm also delighted regarding Colin Firth's oscar and the Kings' speech and of course, even though Christian Bale was wearing a horrible beard, he truly deserved his oscar for his supporting actor role in the fighter!! Even though Geoffrey Rush also played an excellent role in the King's speech! Very glad for inception, as well, great movie !

I 'm a bit disappointed because "Biutiful" did not win the oscar for the best foreign film, it truly deserved it! and not sure either why "The Network" won any oscar at's not a movie to win an oscar.., not sure about Melissa Leo's role in the Fighter.. (although i loved the movie,not her role particularly)I actually prefer Amy Adams' role in it! She should have won the oscar, then!

I can't finish without commenting on some Red Carpet moments: What about Gwyneth Paltrow's dress? She looked beautiful! Hally Barry wore one of my favorite dresses of the night! And What was that horrible dress that Kate Blanchet was wearing??!! And why Justin Timberlake came with his mum??!!! Mark Wahlberg looked small in camera and with a huge head.., I hated Mila Kunis' dress and Scarlett Johansson hair was a mess and her dress matched with the carpet..gee..but she is still who cares?? lol

Ok no more bitching for now.. and i'd rather go to sleep! good night!

In this link you can see some of the red carpet moments:

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