Saturday, 12 February 2011

Movie Recommendation: The Fighter( 2010) :Now in the cinema!

Wow! What a great year for the cinematographic culture! What a great role played Christian Bale as an ex-boxer called Dicky addict to crack (Message to Bale: I love every single one of your films, since when I was only 15 and I watched over and over again Spielberg's film "the empire of the sun") ! The way Bale walks, the way he talks and even the way he looks ,gee how many kilos did he lose for this role?? and what about his bold-like style? he really looks like a drug-addict, he reminded me of some jonkies i have seen on the street (in a truck-suit and wearing gold chains with an ill and pale look). To me, he is the star of this movie, well, him and the whole "knacker-like" family lol .Don't get me wrong, Mark Wahlberg also plays well but to me, Christian steals his protagonism in this film which,by the way, is based on a true story, very inspirational, I think . It's inevitable the comparison of this movie to Rocky, having the boxing background but the message of this film is very different. It's a film about real people,the role family plays in some people's lives, drugs, love and perseverance to get your goals. Even though it's a drama, you will also have a laugh with Dicky and his family! Only one piece of advice, if you are not into violent scenes of boxing, just look away as i did when it was too much, i think i'm getting more sensitive with the years, I used to be able to handle violence (Tarantino's Reservoir dogs movie was one of my favorite films! lol) but things have changed..,anyway, i left the cinema with a smile on my face because i liked it as a whole and loved the end!

Next film on my list : "Don't let me go" let's see if the luck far out of 7 films I have seen in the cinema this year only one didn't meet my expectations, not going even to mention it..bua, well let's say 2 because Hereafter didn't meet them either but at least it was an o.k. film

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