Saturday, 27 August 2011

Romantic movie: One Day (2011) uhm, Recommended? Not sure

Gee I still have mixed feelings after having seen this film today, i was not very convinced while i was watching it and i was kind of regretting not having gone to see the new Almodovar's movie uhm, but something kept me in there, i didn't want to leave maybe because i had high expectations and i wanted to like it. I have to agree with the critics that the days in the movie go too fast and you don't get into the story. After a long time of not very convincing acting and dialogues, the last 30 minutes of the film really got me engaged and this is what made me doubt, whether if i liked it or not. The plot is basically about a complicated love story of 2 "friends" that lasts for 20 years and shows how tough and unexpected life can be and basically you have to seize the moment (I agree with the Carpe Diem attitude, by the way, although it's not always possible). Anyway, I'm happy i haven't read the best seller book before watching the film because i'm sure the book is much more powerful. To me, the idea of the love story is beautiful and the settings: Edinburgh, London and Paris (3 cities , I personally love).

Just after the film ended, we talked about buying the book and read it together, so only after we finish the book , i'll judge again this film or maybe watch it again uhm. So I have just bought it online! I can't wait to start reading it!

One thing is for sure the male protagonist Jim Sturgess is so cute!!! Not very good acting skills but who cares, he is still so cute! The main actress playing Emma, Anne Hatheway didn't blow me away either, sorry.

So , in a nutshell, go and see this film and judge for yourself but only if you really wanted to see it like me but don't expect much, just seat back and wait for the last 30 minutes lol.

By the way, the kiss from the poster of the movie, you wait for it a long time, i think it's part of the last 30 mins lol I'm maybe too passionate and wanted kisses and hugs from the beginning!! Come on!!!!!

Tomorrow more, I think Almodovar's movie is the one on the list!!

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