Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mr Popper Penguin's (2011)

As a unconditional fan of Jim Carrey I had to go and see this film & I my expectations were fulfilled, I'm glad Ben Stiller's dropped out and Mr Popper was eventually played by Jim. It's a family oriented film, the penguins are so cute in it and the story is simple but touching. Jim plays a very busy business man, divorced and with a distant relationship with his son and daughter. One day he receives a gift from his father: A penguin. This will change his life and his relationship with his family and even at work! How would a penguin survive in Manhattan?!!It was great to see Angela Lansbury (the famous 80'ies icon Jessica Fletcher in "Murder she wrote", i didn't know she was still alive!!) on a movie after so long. Not sure if I can recommend this film to everyone, to Jim Carrey's fans, yeah and to parents that want to take their kids to see a cute film, yeah, to the rest I'm not sure. The rotten tomatoes page gives it a 59% score (the audience) and 47% (the critics), I agree with the audience score, a 60 is o.k. We enjoyed the film, we boh liked it and it made me laughed a couple of times and i found it sweet , too. Who doesn't love penguins??!!! I kept thinking of my nephew who actually love penguins and was waiting to see this film, I would have liked to see it with him.. I'm sure he would have loved it! Gee nothing to do with the film but Jim is getting older!!! I only hope he keeps on doing films, I like to see him at least once a year!Jim you rock, thanx for not disappointing me, i hate wasting time in the cinema!

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