Sunday, 1 February 2009

Ché part one

I couldn´t resist to write a few lines about this movie that i almost missed! I went to the Lighthouse cinema in Dublin since it only lasted a couple of weeks in the cinema i usually go to, by the way I recommend Lighthouse: nice coloured and modern decoration and very comfortable seats!

Well going back to the movie, I was blown away by the role played by Benicio del Toro as Ché and Demina Bichir playing Fidel Castro. At the end of the movie you become a fan of the Cuban revolution and their liders(more fan of Ché not of fidel, i have to say)! they show how the people supported it and that the Cuban guerrilleros were not that blood-thirsty even though had their own rules such as imposing taxes on wealthy land-owners, they also had schools in the jungle since Ché said that "illiterate people are easier to deceive". A human and charismatic Ché is portraiyed, they also show Che´s asmathic problems not improved by his addiction to Cuban cigars! it´s unbeliavable how a born Argentinian but nazionalized Cuban changed the history of Cuba and freed it from the dictatorship of Batista. Ché said that living in a capitalist world is like living in a cage and that they did not hate NorthAmerican people but their government. It´s a pity that Ché original ideas did not give Cubans the freedom they wanted..,Fidel had his own way to interpret them..

I can´t wait to see Ché part 2, this first movie it is mostly set in the jungle, it´s described how the guerrilla started and how they managed to win the revolution.

Excellent actors and a movie for people who are interested in history and che´s point of view since the movie is based on his book "memoir "Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War".

If somebody asks me whom i´d like to meet if i had the chance,i´d definitely say: Ché or Benicio del Toro since they look so alike in the film!oh my God!

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