Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My personal and humble Oscar´s ceremony review

Never is too late to comment on the oscar´s ceremony on the 22 feb 2009. I have to say that I agree with most of the given awards. I was lucky to
have seen most of the nominated movies.

Seann Penn deserved the actor leading role Oscar, his interpretation of Harvey Milk in the movie is unforgettable and at the end of the movie you really believe in his character. It was a pity though that Mickey Rourke couldn´t get the Oscar, the movie “the wrestler” really moved me and his comeback after so many years should have been more recognized. However, I do think Sean Penn´s role is much more elaborated and deep!
No words about Slum dog millionaire, I have already written about it after i saw the movie,so i don’t want to bore you with that but I wanted to show my recognition for the 8 Oscars this movie has received. I even loved the soundtrack!and the plot was very original and delivered an important message about the poverty in India. It was so sweet when the kids from the movie spoke to the reporters on the red carpet!

Very emotional as well when the oscar went to heath ledger and his family gave a speech in his name. His role was extraordinary and it´s a pity that he cannot win another oscar again.

I also wanted to mention, Wallee´s Oscar one of the most cherished animated characters I have seen in a long time!walleeeee. Man on wire´s award is also well deserved (i have written about it , Last but not least,let´s talk about the female roles;I loved Kate Winslet´s speech when she won the Oscar for one of the most beautiful movies i have seen this year so far "the reader" and Penelope, as a Spanish fellow, i feel proud for her but i´m still not convinced that her role in “cristina ,Vicky in Barcelona” was so spectacular!

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