Sunday, 8 February 2009

Benjamin Escoriza (Radio Tarifa)´s concert in Dublin

A very unique music group with influences from Southern rhythms like flamenco and arabic music and some touches of Jazz,too. The band´s name says it all "Radio Tarifa", being Tarifa the closest European town to Africa. Benjamin coming from Granada, 2 other members of the band from Jerez de LA Frontera,one from Almeria ,another from Seville and the last 2 members one from Sudan and the other from Granada. Benjamin gipsy´s unmistakable neat voice accompanied by the delightful musicians, made us feel like in Marroco for a while in the Button factory in Dublin. We were unable to remain still and clapped all the way through, "taconeando" with my heels,moving my hands and shouting at him "guapo" and "ese arte" all the time. Yeah, it´s true Andalusian´s special talent and charm is very special. Benjamin at one point of the concert joked and said that they had to stop playing because "la pulicia may come " lol a very typical joke linked to gypsies. He also said the title of every song in Anadalusian and then invented a non-existent transalation into "French" or "Spanglish" lol. I expected a great performance but it was much better than i could have ever imagined! I remember well when Benjamin sang "rumba argelina" and we could not stop our feet! the hour and a half that lasted the concert flew! we didn´t want them to stop!! Irish people that surrounded us ,clapped along and asked me about the group (the may have thought that belonged to their family due to my enthusiasim lol).

RAdio TArifa, a group to see before you die!!!!!!!!!! A group that bring different cultures together in one song!

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Grechen said...

the concert took place on the 6th of February 2009.

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