Saturday, 7 February 2015

A movie that you cannot miss, humble review by Belén Delgado : Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

In a single word: Wow!!! . What a great film!! British do understand what secret agents movies need to be! It's a UK film to see it in the big screen and if possible in IMAX format, the effects in the different scenes are just fab! Everyone looked very happy while watching and this is a good sign (I usually look around me in the cinema when I'm enjoying a movie to see how other people react). I'm a big fan of Colin Firth myself, I have not seen a movie from him that I have not enjoyed so far, so I knew he would not disappoint me. His elegance, great diction and great acting makes him the perfect secret spy. Young British actor, Taron Egerton, plays also very well his role of being a street kid that is chosen to is do a training to become a true Kingsman spy. The movie can be a bit violent at times but due to the effects and the way the photography is done, it's actually aesthetic. One of the highlights for me was the scene inside the church. We were open-mouthed.. but in the end, movies are fiction, aren't they? ( If you are very catholic, do not take it personal)
I think it was very original, the idea that one day people can be controlled via a free simcard to use internet and then all of them would be connected and would become violent. And of course, the rich would survive out of that because they would not fall for a free simcard. In the end it's all a criticism about today's society where the rich control the world and people like us, would go and get the free internet simcard in a matter of seconds!!! Note: I love the ending!

If you would like to see a new version of a James bond movie with a modern twist and great effects, go!! WE loved it! For me , it's a 10!

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