A humble short review of : Birdman (2014)

I had high expectations of this film, i knew it had several nominations for the Oscars and although I'm not a big fan of Michael Keaton, i knew it was going to be good and definitely different from other American movies since it was also directed by a Mexican director, Alejandro Gonzalez I., so i knew it was going to have a different touch. Well, I did not know it was going to be as different as it definitely is, it's not a movie for everyone. In a way, there are many similarities with Michael Keaton's life due to his role of Batman and the impact it had in his career. Keaton's role in this movie is by far the best I have seen of him but to me, the star of the movie is actor Ed Norton, his role is superb. 10 out of 10! The photograph and takes of the film are different and it's heavily based on the dialogue, which remained me of the old good movies. It's also highly scored in pages such as rotten tomatoes with over 90% .  The movie is full of metaphors , some of them I'm still trying to understand myself. I love the end. I'm not going to tell you what it is. No worries


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