Saturday, 31 March 2012

A good laugh: 21 jump street (2012)

Last 2 movies I have seen recently are based on revivals of 80ies movies or tv series, maybe because the 80ies years were very rich in terms of music, tv and movies (one of my favorite eras, I have to admit). This funny action comedy film is based on a tv series of the same name "21 jump street" from 1987 which made Johnny Depp famous back then.  Johnny even appears in the film in a short scene playing an undercover cop (role he used to play in the series) and says a line referring to being an undercover cop for too long now. The main protagonists of this hilarious film are Jonah hill , you may remember him from other remarkable American comedies such us Superbad & and Knocked-up, who plays a bit of a nerdy cop and his co-star in the film is the gorgeous Channing Tatum who is improving little by little his acting skills, which are not great but in this film he will make you laugh.  The film also shows the generational gap when the undercover cops go back to high-school trying to be teenagers again. What was cool when they were teens , it was not cool anymore and even the teens slang changed. Some highlights of the film the different stages of the drug they were investigating, to me when the blonde teenager takes the drug and they show how it impacted her, i couldn't stop laughing lol ;some other moments such us the scene with Johnny Depp or when Channing hits the black teenager (and the impact it has in the film) and the role played by Deray Davis as ill-tempered chief of the undercover police force "Jump street 21" (loved the swearing lol). In a nutshell, if you want to go to the cinema, not to see a complicated story but to be entertained and have a laugh. Go! Just see if you like this type of American humour, very simple and direct, anyone can understand it. I have to say that Andrés laughed much louder than me but I enjoyed , as well. Rotten tomatoes audience gives it a 90% and critics 85% so judge for yourself!

See a trailer of the original series:

By the way , don't miss Channing as a teenager with that horrible hair lol

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