Friday, 16 March 2012

Totally recommended: "The Artist" (2012) humble review by Belén Delgado

A controversial film due to his detractors and lovers :"The Artist", to be honest, I was a bit reluctant to see a silent movie until my husband went to see it and told me that he loved it (We usually agree on our movie taste , so that's why it made me think!). Then, I started hearing different opinions about the film and I thought, "uhm I need to make my own opinion of it , I have to see it", i kept postponing it from one day to the other until last Sunday. What an experience! Beautiful! The main male protagonist playing famous silent movie actor George Valentin, is just excellent in his role, he had the power of transmitting different emotions via his facial expressions and moves! No talking! He only says two words at the very end of the film "With pleasure". The actress playing Peppy Miller is also another highlight of the film, she is sweet and very expressive through her eyes and smile. George and Peppy were great but the best actor for me was actually the George's dog: Uggie!! He is so cute and loyal!! He should have got another oscar, too! The story of the film is simple: How a successful silent movie actor starts losing fame due to the introduction of talking movies. In between  a love story is born among the 2 protagonists and there is also a friendship between Uggie (the dog) and George. To me, the best that you get out of this film is to be able to live the experience of watching a silent film going back to 1927 in the XXIth century and realize how hard it must have been to be an a very good actor at that time. I's twice harder to connect with the public without being able to talk and this film manages to do that, at least it connected with me. It's one of these films that I'll remember because it had something special and unique, the uniqueness of being silent in this era. Last but not least, go on a day off to see this film, otherwise if you are very tired, you may fall asleep since you have to read and concentrate and remember it's a silent film! What?? That you haven't seen it yet???!!! What are you waiting for!! Even the French can do something good from time to time lol (Sorry my French friends, it's a joke!!).

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