Saturday, 18 June 2011

RTE National Symphony Orchestra, Summer concert : The joy of music!

What a marvelous evening! One mexican Tenor: Jesus Leon, the well-known Irish soprano: Celine Byrne accompanied by the majestic Irish RTE national Symphony Orchestra (I was trying to count how many musicians were there but it was impossible, i stop counting after number 50..) in the National Concert Hall in Dublin! What a combination! The beautiful and powerful voice of the soprano Celine singing in Italian, Portuguese , French and even in Spanish! Isn't it fantastic? An Irish soprano singing in Spanish with Andalucian accent? She pronounced the Spanish "j" stronger than me! (in the South of Spain that sound is specially deep and it's not easy to learn how to pronounce it for foreigners and Celine did a pretty good job!). Can you imagine? An Irish soprano singing a Spanish Zarzuela " Canci'on espa~nola del ni~no judio" (Luna) saying: "de Espa~na vengo, de Espa~na soy" (I'm coming from Spain , I'm Spanish). It was funny the way she pronounced the "r" "morrrrenaaaa" lol. The best moments of the evening for me where when Celine and Jesus sang together in Spanish : Caballero " Duo y Jota" at the end he told her in Spanish "vente, vente (come with me,come with me) and Celine said " no, my Mexican tenor (in a cutting tone)", the whole audience in the auditorium, which by the way it was totally packed, laughed. At that moment, my mum and I knew where he was from, we were trying to guess all the time with no luck since we thought he was from Peru due to his Indian looking.

Since yesterday night i can't stop singing " Nessun Dorma from Turandot" , to me this was one of the moments to remember from the night, I felt joy, I disconnected from the world, not only me but the whole audience, i kept looking at the faces of the people of the second row where we were seated and everybody had a smile on their faces. We were lucky to have the tenor, the soprano and the conductor of the orchestra just in front of us. Another moment I liked was the singing of "Granada" which brought me back to the South of Spain.

It was also impressive to see the RTE orchestra playing "William Tell" Overture! "ta,ta,taran,taran,tan,tan!!! tiiii, ti, to tiiii"

Celine's sweet and strong voice gave us the goose pimples! She even sang one part of a song without opening her mouth, only with her throat and controlling her breathing. Tears came to our eyes when she sang " Un bei di vedremo" from Madame Butterfly. It was also very original to see a Brasilian piece sang by her surrounded only by 8 cellos called: Bachianas Brasileiras N.5 (Villa Lobos).

This was the full programme for the evening:

Rossini : il barbieri di Sevilla, Overture

Puccini: Un bel di vedremo from Madame Butterfly

Britten: Soir'ees musicales

Puccini: Nessun dorma from Turandot

Puccini: Vogliatemi bene from Madame butterfl

Rossini: William Tell, Overture

Villalobos: Bachianas Brasileiras N.5 Soprano and an orchestra of cellos

Rossini: Il signor Bruschino Overture

Lara: Granada

Luna: Cancion espa~nola from el ni~no judio

Caballero: Duo y jota from el duo de la Africana

At the end of the 2-hour concert the whole audience was clapping so receptively that Celine sang another song with the orchestra and in the end She and Jesus end up with a piece from La Traviatta called " Brindisi" ,what an amazing way of finishing off the evening! 20 more minutes of delight! We didn't want it to end!

I'm very happy to have bought these concert tickets for my mother, i think this will be one of the things she will remember in her life and me , too. Dubliners , if you haven't seen the RTE orchestra yet, i think this is the second time i recommend you to go and see them!!! and if you have the chance to see Celine Byrne in Ireland, don't miss it either, she will take you to another world with her voice and her smile! Evenings like this make me think that I'd not be able to survive without music, even if i can't play a single instrument, i have the ability to enjoy so many types of music , this makes me grow as a person !

See below a couple of videos i have found of the soprano and of the tenor, unfortunately i couldn't find any video of both of them singing together but at least you will get an idea of what we felt when we listen to them live:

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