Thursday, 23 June 2011

Mel gibson back in the game with "The Beaver"(2011) - I recommend it!

On a Thursday like today, I wanted to disconnect and I went to see a U.s. drama-comedy movie " the Beaver". Rotten Tomaotes audience scored it with 69% and critics 63%, i would give it a score of 75%. My respects to Jodie Foster in her role as an actress and as a director of this movie, at the same time! This film has some photographic moments that i have in my mind like the one when good-looking Porter Black (played by Anton Yelchin - cuteeee !) looks through the hole in his room (beautiful!). I didn't know what to expect from this film and i didn't even know what it was about so i let surprise myself! To me, it looked as if Mel Gibson was playing very well the role of an alcoholic, depressive ,executive family man, did it have some similarities so his life,maybe???

Whatever was the reason why he played so well the role, congrats to him, he won me over!! To put it in a nutshell and not to tell you the whole story, this film is about a depressed executive husband with 2 kids. He is mentally ill, has tried it all (pills, different therapies etc. )and nothing worked for him until one day he fins a beaver puppet which will be his means of communication with everybody from that moment on. The Beaver takes control of his life, sometimes you even forget that it is Mel Gibson talking because the Beaver becomes alive! Jodie Foster plays Mel Gibson's wife. She is very in-love with him and she is even able to sleep with her husband with the Beaver puppet on her husband left hand! Gee! You really have to love somebody to do that lol.

I found the plot very original and very real at the same time, there are many people out there who have a depression and do not know how to get out of it, you can have a very good job, a very good house and money and still don't be happy with your life. Others pretend to have a perfect life and ignore the problems but mind is powerful and when one gets out of one's mind all can get out of control ! However, when you have people who really love you by your side there is always a way out! I hope that even Mel Gibson has learned something after having done this film, gee and i thought his career was over, well he is back in the game!

I felt i had something in common with some of the characters of this film, i think it's easy to identify yourself with some aspects. I walked out of the cinema a bit sad because I was a bit emotional in some parts of the film but I felt happy at the same time because i invested well my time watching a movie which made me believe in the story and actually it also has some funny moments (i loved the part of Mel Gibson having a tuxedo for the puppet to go out for dinner with his wife !). People watch out !!! no puppets close to your husbandsssssssssss!!!!!

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