Monday, 9 August 2010

French Cinema:Cocó Channel and Igor Stravinski (2009)

Saturday night and uhm let´s go to see a movie.., 22.20 and it starts..a couple of sentences in English and i thought, yeah it´s not in French! but nope! that´s all the English they talk at the movie lol nothing against French language,only that i dont speak it and i had to read the subtitles but guess what? the photography ,decorations , light and colours made me forget at one point from the movie that it was in French! It´s not a movie for everyone, though,some people may find it boring because of its slow pace (there was a guy behind me yawning all the time!). I enjoyed the centre of the plot: Coco´s special style and elegance and her torrid love story with the Russian married father of 5, Igor Stravinski. All their romance is bathed in extravagant Stravinski´s music who according to the movie was also inspired by Coco when composing.Coco´s is shown as a strong, cold, demanding, independent business woman ahead of her era.

So if you want to sit back, relax, learn some French,see some romance, listen to some classic music and watch some delightful scenes, dont miss this movie!

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