Sunday, 1 August 2010

Excellent Spanish movie: Cell 211 (2009)- Celda 211

I have had to wait until today to be able to watch this Spanish drama masterpiece from 2009 directed by Daniel Monzón Jerez, awarded with 8 Goyas (the equivalent of the Spanish oscars awards).

All started when Javier Oliver is assigned to work as a prision cell guardian and decides to go to know the premises one day before starting his new job. This day will change his live forever dramatically. A bunch of good spanish actors in the cast of this film: the main bad guy prisioner alias "Mala sangre" " rotten blood (Spanish idiom meaning ->extremely ill-tempered person"): Luis Tosar, gets into his role of the prision riot leader very well (he is in the picture), you are really scare of him. Juan Bardem brother, Carlos Bardem and the experienced : Antonio Resines and last but not least,the Argentinian , Alberto Amán, who won the Goya award for the best actor revelation for his role of the newbie Javier Oliver prision cell guardian alias "underpants (you will need to watch the movie to understand the reason of his alias)".I almost forget to mention the guy that plays a secondary role as a knackersih prisioner in a Spanish t´shirt with black teeth, gee! he played an excellent role, i wonder if he is a real knacker!

This movie portrays the bad state of the prisions, the abuse and bad conditions in some of them, the Spanish problem with the terrorism and what can happen when anger takes over any human being.

I´m not going to reveal any further details of this film since i will take away the originality and thrilling feeling throughout it, i could not even go to the toilet once! If you have seen any Spanish movies before you will see that the end cannot be guessed and you wonder what is going to happen next, suffering with the protagonist, Javier, every minute of it!

Dont miss this movie!

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