Beatiful film from Brazil : Central Station

1998 Brazilian movie from Walter salles, director of "on the road" and "paris, ilove you" nominated for 2 Oscars and won a Golden Globe award. I have to admit that this film captured my heart, a non-conventional drama of 2 lonely souls that encounteer their destinies by chance: a motherless child, Josue, and a retired school teacher,Dora. Josue, an honest kid looking for his drunken father that left him when he was a kid and, Dora rips off illiterate people at the station writting letters for their families that will never reach their final destinations.

Beautiful Brazil sorroundings with a background of social problems in a society with a very poor low class, full of children living on the streets and where cashless people have to rob to survive play an important role of this moving story.

The movie show how everyone has a good side , even Dora couldnt resist Josue´s kindness and innocency.

Thanx Allan for lending me the movie!!!

And yeah people, i cried at the end....


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