Saturday, 17 July 2010

A new Youtube hit: Talented 12 year old Greyson Chance playing paparazzi Gagas song

A week ago, I discovered talented Greyson by chance reading yahoo news and since then I got more and more interested in this boy´s music. He is only 12 , he became famous when he uploaded on youtube one video of him playing piano and singing Lady Gaga´s song: Paparazzi, from there he uploaded it on youtube last April, just for fun and unexpectedly he has reached the 28,110,286 views of his original video so far. He has composed 2 songs: broken hearts and stars both of them are beautifully sing by his powerful voice. He sings far better than Gaga,by the way. After this youtube success the producers of the American talkshow Ellen Degeneres, called his mum for an interview and to play live in the show. From there, In the show, Greyson talked personally with Gaga and after he performed, the presenter was so impressed by him that she created her first music record label and Greyson is going to be musician artist signing with the record label!

Even though you may not like Lady Gaga or the type of music Greyson plays, it´s undeniable the talent this boy has, he is the kind of kid every mum would love to have a son, don´t you think? I wish Greyson all the best in his carreer and I´m very thankful because I enjoy very much listening to his voice.

You can watch the original video here:

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