Thursday, 1 July 2010

Lanzarote belleza volcánica // Lanzarote vulcanic beauty

Some people may not find beautiful a black-redish arid landscape, I would say that it depends on what you are looking for, if you are looking for a different landscape, to feel in another time and disconnect from the world, Lanzarote is the place to be. We went to the southern part of the island, it was not so touristy ,it was ideal to rest and enjoy the nature. At the beginning, the smell of ashes strikes you but then after a while you get used to it. On our way from the capital, Arrecife (not very beautiful,by the way)we encounteered tiny white towns full of character surrounded by Palms and vulcanic soil, I felt in Africa! Even the colour of the sky was different. It´s impressing the amount of roundabouts that the island has and it´s easy to get lost in the roads, specially if you dont understand maps like me!

We stayed at Playa blanca, the posh side of the island and to me the most beautiful. Very close was the wine area of Geria with the peculiar way of producing wine in the vulcanic soil in circles surrounded by stones. From Geria we went to the natural park of Timanfaya where after paying 8 euro entrance you can enjoy a fabulous meal in the restaurant "el diablo" where meat is cooked only with the heat of the vulcano. and you can also enjoy the typical potatoes with the Canarian sauce: Mojo (uhm!!) Amazing taste! I recommend "el solomillo", you also have a great view of the vulcanic park from the restaurant. After that you can enjoy a multilingual bus tour around the park. From Timanfaya we went to the little town of "el golfo" where you can find red mountains, with a black sand beach by a green lake! the mixture of colours is awsome! Our next stop was "los hervideros", vulcanic rocks surrounded by the atlantic ocean. On the same day we headed a bit north and managed to see the fundation of Cesar Manrique, a very famous artist on the island, his mobile sculptures are all around, this gives a special charm to the island.

Next day we headed north and went to the unique "Cactus garden" where I saw weird species of cactus and flowers. We had lunch in a small fisher town that was recommended by one of the guides from the cactus garden. Great recommendation, we would have never found that place! it was called "los rancheros"

From there we went to the cave house of " Los Jarameos del agua" where you can have a nice lunch inside the cave or have a sun bath by the pool.

We didnt manage to go to the upper north where you have "mirador del rio" and further caves and you can also take a boat to the small island "la graciosa" but I have heard that it´s worth it and I do believe it!NExt time i´ll go there!

Our hotel had typical villas from Lanzarote, small white houses and it had a good price with all included. If you ever go to Lanzarote avoid the central toursity part in the area of "Playa del Carmen", head to the south and rent a villa and a car like we did.

Car rental can easily be found at the airport, dont go to big companies and choose one local one which had much better prices, we rented one car for 3 days for only 80 euros with full cover insurance! small car but it took us everywhere! You can´t go to Lanzarote without renting a car, transportation is not abundant there, unless you want to ride a camel, what by the way you can also do! and rent karts or bikes! many healthy options! if you are looking for a place to go clubbing, Lanzarote is not for you, it´s more for people who want to explore and rest! There are many areas with no houses at all and only beautiful landscapes! Beaches are not the best and the widest but close to playa blanca there is one beach called "Papagayo" that has a very good reputation, the rest of the beaches are small and most of them with dark sand.

Although it seems so , I dont get paid by the island lol

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