Monday, 12 July 2010

A Dream comes true : Spain world Champions!

I know it´s predictable what I´m going to write about. But yes! I can´t avod it!The Spanish team has written a new page in the history of my country: After being European champions , now we have become World champions too, not even Queen could have foreseen this (we are the champions!my friend!)! Who would have said so after we lost the first match against the Swiss?! But no, " La Roja" (referring to the Spanish t-shirt)has made it to the amazement of many detractors. My whole country is unitted, celebrating and forgeting about recession,morgages,debts at least for a couple of days. It´s unbeliavable the joy one worldcup can bring to a nation. THis world cup has been very polemic with teams like the Italian or the French ones been elminated and other humble teams like Ghana or Uruguay playing excellently until the end! I have to say that I wouldnt have mind to see Uruguay or Ghana winning either!

I personally enjoyed a lot the semifinal with Germany and Uruguay, i was a great match but the final has been very tough to watch. I didnt know that the Dutch had such violent and dirty approach when playing and I was actually worried about any Spanish player been seriously hurt. When Xavier Alonso was quicked so heavily in the chest i just could not believe it and Andres Siniesta was also treated very badly in more than one ocassion before scoring the goal! No-one can´t say that the SPanish team deserved to win after watching the final, we played clean and our goal-keeper Casillas also played a very important role and the undeniably skills of Villa scoring 5 goals can´t be left aside.

I can die in peace now, i have seen my country winning a world cup and even though many people did not believe in us, even a German octopus like Paul did believe we could win! he guessed all the results in this worldcup, what a criature!

2010 a year to remember: Octopus Paul and the Spanish team - winners! thanx to all of us who have supported us ! I´d have loved my father to have seen this moment, I dedicate this victory to him even though i did not play i gave instructions to the players from my sitting-room !!

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