Sunday, 4 January 2015

Humble review by Belén Delgado of: "The Theory of Everything" ( 2014)

I had very high expectations of this movie, also after seeing the very high scores in the cinema web page "Rotten Tomatoes" with 81% from top critics and 84% score from the audience. In my view, it deserves a 10. British actor Eddie Redmayne plays brilliantly the physical disability that Stephen has had since he was diagnosed with  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis at age 21. Eddie really deserves an Oscar. The movie portrays an image of Stephen as a funny, intelligent and inspiring man who wants to live and won´t stop until he finds the theory of everything no matter what. Eddie and actress Felicity Jones have a lot of chemistry on the screen. They make very believable their role as husband and wife in the film. The movie is based on Stephen wife´s (Jane) second reviewed autobiography and it´s told in a very respectful and elegant way. I could really relate to the protagonist´s lives and even though there were some scenes where I had to swallow my tears, I really enjoyed to get to know more about Stephen´s life. Did you know that he had 2 daughters and a son that were conceived while he was already sick? It´s crazy what true love can do. As an anecdote, it seems that Stephen is not willing to change the robotic voice that was provided with the machine that he communicates with. This voice has even an American accent and does not match his Oxford origins at all. As even told by actress Felicity Jones in a few interviews, she prepared for 4 months to get to know better the real protagonists of the story and she describe Jane as a woman with a very strong determination and you can see that in the film. What a woman! And Stephen, hats off to him, he has not had an easy life
spite of that he has never stopped fighting. In addition, his great mind and strength has kept him alive and he has even been able to share his ideas with the rest of the world thanks to modern technology.

Let me finish with one of the quotes that I really like from Stephen:

"However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at."

Below a photo of the real Stephen and Jane and the actor Eddie and Felicity.

Here the link to the trailer, If you are interested in knowing more about Stephen´s dramatic life, do not miss it!! It´s really worth it!

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