Sunday, 11 December 2011

Recommended movie: 50/ 50 (2011)

If you want to laugh and cry, this is the movie to go! Rotten tomatoes crititcs and audience agree on this one giving it a 93%! This does not happen very often! Great cute actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt that you may have seen in other great films such us "500 days of summer" and "Inception", is the protagonist of this film inspired by a true story. What I like about this film is that the people from the movie are just common people : spontaneous, natural, you can really relate to any of them. A delicate subject is dealt with in the film, Joseph playing Adam, is diagnosed with cancer and it shows how this impacts his life, his friendship to his best friend, played by funny actor Seth Rogen, to his mum, played by a mature Angelica Houston, to his girlfriend, to other patients, to his ill dad and even to the doctors. I do not want to tell you much, just that it's a beautiful and touching story, for those who have had a relative with cancer will for sure feel identify with any of the protagonists. It's unbelievable how such a sad topic can also make you laugh! The highlight of the film for me is absolutely Joseph Gordon's role, he is so lovable, it reminded me a bit of "500 days of summer" , when I also loved his role! He just plays so well his role that you believe every single word or smile, tear he gesticulates! When I was watching this film I remembered how people who have not had any contact with cancer, can be so tactless about it and ask all the time " how are you?" , yes, this may seem normal and polite but when someone has 50% chances of living, the question he or she does not want to hear is "how are you?" every day, specially being under the harsh treatment of chemotherapy.

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