New Years Eve (2011) - just cheesy!Last movie i have seen

i have fullfilled my 2011 new Years resolution of writting about all the movies i was going to see in the cinema! Well, it looks that this one has been the last film i have Seen this Year, it has an adecuate name for the occassion lol "New Years Eve".To sum it up,it's a bunch of different stories,all protagonized by very famous American actors and actresses and taking place at new Years Eve. I was not engaged in the film and it was so cheesy..! I did not have so many expectations, when you see so many known actors at once,you it can't be any good!Even Bon Jovi plays a small role, too. Best of the movie,Ashton Kutcher ,he is so handsome that nothingelse matters lol. let's say ,it's an ok movie if you have a hangover,then you may like it lol

I hope you have enjoyed my humble movie reviews throughout tris Year!


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