Saturday, 24 December 2011

Not just a simple movie, recommended: Take Shelter (2011)

Almost end of the year and i have to go on with my new year resolution for 2011 when I said that I would write about every movie I see, specially good ones like this one: "Take Shelter". It's a film that will make you feel different things: fear, thrill, sympathy, sadness.., all in one. I can't tell you much , otherwise i'll destroy the originality of it. Just in a nutshell, it's a film with no famous actors , no big budget, no special effects just the power of the protagonists' mind that takes over his life. It's about how being a bit different can be misunderstood by society and confused with madness. The only thing I can tell you is that every time it rained in the movie, it was linked to the protagonists' bad dreams. One of the highlights of the movie for me is the part when he was chased by black birds in tribute to Hitchcock Movie "birds" and, of course i loved the end. It's not a film for everyone, only for those who want to see something different. "Take shelter" has not passed unnoticed by critics and it has received several awards from non-conventional films festivals such as Sundance festival or Cannes. Of course, my congrats to Michael Shannon, playing the main role, Curtis, his eyes conveyed a lot of feelings and you really believed in every single feeling he had in the film. So get ready! Take shelter every time Curtis dreams! The problems is that it's not so obvious in the film when this happens, it's not clear sometimes when it's supposed to be reality or a dream and the question is: Are they really dreams or are they apocalyptic messages trying to tell Curtis something? You will find out once you have watched it til the end!

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