Wednesday, 21 April 2010

"I Love you Phillip Morris" Movie recommendation (2009)

I have to say that I had high expectations before watching this movie and even though I heard different opinions about the movie (good and bad), I loved it from the beginning to end! Jim Carrey once again did not disappoint me, it´s not his typical role of making mimics and making you laugh to death although i laughed out loud a several times, he also made me cry! It´also incredible to see the weight Jim lost for the AIDS scenes. I was specially interested in this movie after I saw the real Steven Jay Rusell on a discovery channel, i found him fascinating,unique and bloody intelligent when I saw him at an interview in prision! To be a con artist, impostor and be able to escape out of prison like he did, up to 4 times, you have to be talented! Ian Mc Gregor also played the excellent role of :Phil Morris,Steven´s true love, you do believe they are madly in love. I liked the ending of the movie (im not going to tell it,no worries) altough I missed some parts of Steven´s life like when he was about to have easthetic surgery not to be recognized again and they arrested just on his way to the surgeon, this part was not even portrayed in the movie. Steven Jay Russell´s life is a living proof that true life can sometimes overcome fiction and it also proved that the Texas government at that time under George Bush was not ruled by competent people and Steven even impersonated a judge and a lawyer having himself released with a fake bail order! I´m glad i found time to see this movie even if some people may not like it I did, it made me feel different emotions. Jim can play any role he wants to and did justice to the real Steven Jay .

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