Saturday, 20 March 2010

Dj Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk concerts in Dublin (March 2010)

Yesterday I enjoyed along with thousand of people in the O2 Arena in Dublin , one of the biggest dance-trance/electronic music concerts I have been to: Dj Tiesto concert. When we got there i was a bit scared due to the amount of young knackers topless or in flashy track suits or t-shirts and the strong security measures (we even saw one arrest of one of the topless guys at the beginning of the night!) but throughout the night and due to the electric atmosphere full of dancing moves and happy faces, i totally forgot about the audience that surrounded us! We managed to get to the first row, Tiesto didnt stop smiling and the excellent combination of acoustic, big shouty audience and combinations of lights/screen made it an unforgetable night! To me Tiesto has been one of the best djs i have seen. He played from 8.20 to 1 a.m.

Talking of Tiesto i couldnt leave aside the other dj concert i have been to this month: Payl Van Dyk in Tripod (Dublin). The discotec Tripod is much smaller than the 02 Arena but it was also packed with fans of all ages (not so many knackers like in the O2..!) many more men than women like in most of the electronic music concert i have been to. Much more modest, only a mac computer and dj table and 3 screens showing Paul Van Dyk name or images and he did not smile so much or danced like Tiesto did. Van Dyk concert went faster for me than in Tiesto,i dont know i didnt realize that it was coming to an end (it was also shorter! from 00.00 to 3 a.m. so maybe that was the reason lol). Van Dyk´s supporter Dj was also very good Dj John Gibbons.

What both concerts had in common was the friendly , non-stop audience of any kind of all ages dancing to a rythm of energetic music! in Dj Tiesto we saw a 55 year old guy and a group of handicapped youths enjoying the music!

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