Monday, 19 January 2009

The reader (2008)

A dramatic and beautiful movie for sensitive people like me (my husby also liked it!). The character played by the young cute German actor David Kross is very beliavable and Kate Winslet won a very well deserved golden globe for her role in the film. A sweet relationships develops between the 2 protagonists. Hanna Smith (KAte WInslet)fall in love with the way Michael reads loud novels and poems and with his youth. A striking story of love that leads to the dicotmoy between being moral and being fair. Justice is not always moral. Was is it moral when ss gards killed jews in the gas chambers? were the gards (many of them illetarate people )paid for doing their job not to judge or give their opinion?

"The readers" presents a view of the holocaust seen through the eyes of a young law-school student whose case study at the unversity happens to be her exlover´ trial. This will have a great impact throughout his life.

I suffered with Michael and I should have brought tissues with me since i couldn´t stop crying!!! This film is not for everyone, some people may find it a bit long or boring. I didn´t. I love when movies make me think for days and this definetiley did!!!

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