Sunday, 25 January 2009

Kogelos´ (Kenya) celebrates Obama´s U.S. presidential era

On the 20th of January 2009, Barack Hussein Obama II, the 44th U.S first black American president sworn into office. Anecdoctly , he repeated the sworn in the White house because there were some errors in the official inaugural ceremony. On the first day of his mandate he signed the closure of the polemical Guantanamo prision. This president is going and has brought change to U.S.A. and the world from day one. A proof of this is African´s Obama´s father hometown: Kogelo. A small village in Kenya of only 5,000 inhabitants who lived in poor conditions.

The tourist draw that has already started in Kogelo due to Obama´s election has had a huge impact: Souvenirs with OBama´s face are sold, a museum: Obama cultural Centre is going to be built, infraestructures are being improved/built , schools carrying Obama´s name, only 2 days after OBama´s won Kogelo´s villagers had elecrtricity in their homes and governement is even planning to provide them with piped water. Isnt´it that great? It´s clear that OBama is not going to be able to fix the worldwide poverty,hunger and war issues but at least his image is already helping a poor village in Africa. The world eyes are set on Africa a beautiful continent full of resources that do need help.

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