Monday, 26 January 2009

Keane´s concert in the o2 arena 25.01.09

on the Keane´s tour of "perfect symmetry" i had the pleasure to see them in the O2 arena in Dublin which was recently opened (great acoustic,well organized and a lot of space to dance and drink!). I was not a big fan of Keane (i´m now!) because i´m a fan of everything and a big fan of nothing,i mean, I like a bit of everything. I was positively impressed by keane´s music quality as a group, their live performance blew me away!what a sound!music and voice!so clean! We were in the first row trying to sing their lyrics our way (like Sinatra!)- of which we didn´t have a clue of lol - and praying that the singer didn´t come closer to us expecting to sing along as he did with the other side of the stage. Their concert was raw music,no dancers,no show,only them,pure and simple. The concert started with a supporter band called "the codes", they were not that great and this made us all wish even more for keane to show up!For those of you who still dont know keane,they are British rock piano group whose first hit was in 1997. The singer Tom Chaplin is a very talented human being, he can play the guitar,the piano and sing like an angel! he is skinny and not very good looking but his voice made his eyes shine! The audience clapped like mad and shouted the groups´name all the time. He was very pleased and said that they chose their group name in a pub in Dublin. Some of the songs I enjoyed most : "cristal ball" "bad dream (he explained that it was based on a yeats´poem),"everybody is changing","somewhere only we know","under the iron sea" "perfect symmetry ", "better than this "and the very last song was amazing,everybody sang along but i still have to find out the title!
If you are a fan of good live music as I´m ,dont hesitate to see keane in one of their tours! its 4 members made us forget about the stress and tiredness, the power of good music!

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muchasCOSASenLAcabeza said...

A very nice concert. I didn’t expect such powerful voice. These kind of bands are usually very bad live singers but this guy (Thomas Chaplin) really rocks! I didn't want to go because Keane wasn't one my favourite bands but now I have to accept that I am becoming a fan. Great crack! Thanks Grechen for inviting me. Hugs! XXX

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