Sunday, 3 August 2014

Recent movies I have seen: Mood Indigo (Recommended!); The Purge , the Anarchy ( Recommended!), Boyhood (not sure..) by Belen Delgado

Mood Indigo

Yesterday we went to see a French surrealistic movie, we wanted something different after having seen so many American movies and that's what we got! An original story full of symbolism and fantasy. We could not stop smiling throughout , we had no idea what was going to come next, it was as if we were watching an art performance some times, so aesthetic and beautifully done. A few people left in the middle of the film and I was actually surprised because we wanted to see more and more of it. One more time Audrey Tautou has acted in a different film that captivates a very selected audience. It mades us dream of a different world, a movie set in Paris. Yes , a 10 from me and totally recommended. I personally loved the little mouse showing up all the time and the scene when he takes the drawings of their love story with him and of course the scenes with the dancing and lively food plates (Instagram should have an app like this one day..) . Also the wedding scenes are full of fantasy.. loved them..

The Purge, The Anarchy

I loved the first movie, The Purge and I knew that this one was not going to be great , however, it was much better than I expected. The concept was the same and they only elaborated it a little bit criticising the rich American society but it was full of action and it kept us entertained. I do not think it's so far from the reality that this may happen one day.. a world without criminality and only once a year, everything is allowed and if you do not have the means to protect yourself, you will end up dead in the hands of the rich people. Maybe because I'm a member of the cinema, I went and see this one, if you ask me if I would pay 11 euros to go, no, you can always see it when it's released on a dvd or online later on, you do not miss much but as I stated above, we enjoyed it.


I heard a lot about this movie so I had high expectations of it, which I think was the main problem for me. Agree that it's something different because it has been shot with the same actors intermittently over 12 years and it shows a regular life of 2 kids and how they grow up. As it was just about a regular story about life, it could be any of us, for me there was lack of excitement and action. When I go to the cinema I like getting something different. I was not sure where the movie was going as it was about the kids life and it was a bit too long for me. On the other hand, as it's about life, it brought back some memories from my childhood, too, when I used to go with my grandpa to the river and throw stones (like the protagonist does) and also it reminded me of my teens times when I looked horrible just like the female kid protagonist lol. This film has excellent reviews, so I'm no-one to tell you if you should go or not, go and judge for yourself. My husband liked it more than me, I personally found it a bit boring..

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