Sunday, 3 August 2014

A couple of the typical American comedies: 22 Jump Street ( Had a laugh!) and Bad Neighbours ( Funny!)

2 comedies that you can see at some point that will make you laugh if you are into this type of simple and cheap American humour like me:

22 Jump Street

I love the first movie and this one made us laugh a lot , too. I like the chemistry between the 2 protagonists (and of course, I'm a big fan of Channing Tatum). This movie is great to relax and have a laugh, they are hilarious. The way they make fun of the usual American tough looking cop is fab. One of the highlights for me is when their boss find out that one of them had slept his his daughter and all the scenes after that ha ha. I'm not going to tell you anything else  so  that you can see it and laugh, as we did.

Bad Neighbours

Cute couple with a baby that have to find ways to have their noisy college neighbours under control. Same as with Jump Street , it's a great movie to have a laugh and not to think much. Nothing really stood out for me , I just remember that we were entertained , which was the main purpose. Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen were my favourite, they are fab, I think Andres and myself would have probably behaved in the same way lol. No need to say that although I'm much older than Zac Efron , I can't deny that he looks hot!

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