Sunday, 25 May 2014

4 movies i have seen recently by Belen Delgado

Lately I'm not having enough time to write in my blog, so let me write only the titles of the recent films we have seen and the score from 1 to 10:

"Her" - original love story about a lonely man that falls in love with a female voice software. I have to say that i had too high expectations of this movie, maybe this is why i didn't enjoy it that much, i have to see it again, i think, for now, yes, a bit more than a pass but it wasn't the movie of my life. Score: 6

"Divergent" - Movie about a possible view of the future when people will have to fit in into 4 different fanctions of personalities and those who do not fit are divergent and are not welcome since they can cause conflict or wars. I liked the film, those know me, know that i like films that have a view about the future.I'll score it with a 7.5

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" An usual movie, i loved the photography and the angle of the scenes,the colours, the dialogues, so different, a unique story line. Good for people who are tired of the usual films, definitely not for everyone but we enjoyed it. Love Ralph Fiennes performance, he is fab! I'll score it with a 7.5, too.

"Bad Neighbours" Typical funny American comedy, no need to think much, bring popcorns, seat and have a laugh. Plot is simple but I laughed out loud several times. I'll score it with a pass, 5.

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