Not my cup of tea: Chris Brown concert at the O2, Dublin (3th December 2012)

As you know, I always write about cultural activities I do, the problem I have is when I do not enjoy a concert, show or movie that much and I don't feel like writing about it. This was the case with Chris Brown concert at the O2 that we went to on the third of December. Those who know me, are aware that I 'm very open and I like a lot of different type of music and artists, which in my opinion is a good thing, you are not the biggest fan of any of them but just you enjoy their music at some extent. I knew a few songs of Chris Brown that I enjoy, specially the ones with a much quicker pace and rhythm  but I did not know him so well, anyway I bought the tickets to go and see him and I had high expectations due to his international fame (not only due to hitting Rihanna which I did not love , by the way..). Wel,l first thing I did not love was the audience, full of drunk youngsters, I felt old lol, out of place , I just wanted to see the show but I had to watch out that a drunken fake-tanned teen did not fall over us. I did not feel comfortable, so not a great start. Even at the entrance, when queueing a few of them were not allowed in because of the state they were in. Anyway, not Chris Browns' fault , I thought. Then we went in and there was a dj playing hip-hop music that I did not enjoy that much. This was 19.45 and Chris Brown did not show up until 20.45. Impressive start. Chris Brown can definitely dance and sing, no doubt about that and I have no complaints in that broad sense. However, when I go to a concert, I'm waiting to be carried away by the music and feel it and with this concert, this only happened with 3 songs, which were the ones i knew (lol maybe , this was the reason), among them "beautiful people" and "turn up the music" and "don't wake me up". I did not get him as an artist, he was going from very slow melody songs (I love youuuuuu) to very quick ones and in-between songs a DJ playing dance music. Weird.. !! Specially when you like best the dj in-between than him lol. He did not interact with the public much, at the very end he said something like " Dublin I love you and for those who flew from UK, I fucking love you", then he threw the micro on stage and left (Wow, so caring towards the audience lol). I was open-mouthed! To put it in a nutshell, he only sang for a bit longer than an hour ; on top of that, we were there waiting for another hour listening to a horrible dj prior he came to the stage and then, when he started singing, we were actually bored, not moved by most of the songs he sang.. going from slow to quick melodies (At one point I even asked Andres to leave..). For those who are Chris Brown biggest fans, I'm sorry, but I found him a bit "bipolar", I don't understand his style. Don't get me wrong, I still listen to the songs I like from him but I'll not go to see him in concert again. To compare him with a similar artist that we also saw at concert in Dublin a couple of years ago: Ne-yo, I have to say that Ne-yo is far way better than him, he enjoyed his concert very much even though we did not know many of his songs but he engaged with the audience and dancers and we enjoyed it very much. Well!! Again I have to admit that the 3 songs that we enjoyed, we enjoyed them very much and the teen fans seemed to like the other songs, too. This is only our opinion about this gig, maybe I have to go back to my teens times and get drunk (like most of the audience was..) to be able to enjoy it!


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