¿Dónde está mi MAC matarile,rilerile ..? Where is my MAC arg,arg,arg?

I Don´t need to add any comments..Below you can see what happened .. don´t miss my face it says it all..(worried about missing our flight, about getting a police report on time and about my other set of keys.) Yeah if your computer is stolen never leave without a police report, it´s the only proof you will have if criminals use it and your name is registered with the computer to commit any crime. We were lucky to have our Polish friends helping us ,translating all the time to them (you also need that report to claim something back from your travel insurance, never travel without one!), in addition thanx to Andrés charm we got the written report because the police explained to us that in Poland for this type of crime you are not entitled to take a written report with you (they keep records of it but you don´t take any evdence with you). There was also a nice witness (also in the photo) who stayed with us to testify, she was parking her car when she saw the 2 thieves breaking into the cars. As my husband always says " this was also part of the trip (todo hace parte del paseo!)". Lessons that we learned from this: Don´t take your computer anywhere (this is going to be tough for me..); even if you travel with people from the country your are visiting, don´t do what you would never do in your own country e.g. leave any bags in a car and last but not least keep back-up copies of anything you do on your computer and print at least a couple of pictures of your favourite trips!

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