Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Definitely Recommended :Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

I have been gladly surprised by this film! Being honest I only knew it was a film about chimpanzees doing a type of revolution in the XXIth century, well it had some of that but the story behind it is a bit more, it will touch your heart. I thought it was a remake of the 70'ies movie but i didn't see much of that either, which was also suprising! Not sure now who i liked it better either little scissors (the protagonist chimpanzee) or gorgeous looking James Franco who plays the role of a scientist doing research on chimpanzees to be able to cure Alzheimer. Both of them are so lovable and cute!! Actor John Lithgow plays Wills' father , my respects to him, he really shows the lows and downs of such a horrible degenerative disease such as Alzheimer. You really get into the chimpanzees way of thinking and behaving and in the end you just want them to win! I ain't telling you more details if you promise me that you are going to see it! If you watch it and you don't like it you can come and kick my arse, i allow you but i'm sure this will not happen! Just to give you an overview of what the critics think: IT was scored with a 7.9 on the internet movie data base web page and 88% (audience and 82% critics )on the rotten tomatoes web page, my personal score would be : 90%! Can't wait to see the second part!

I leave you with the trailer:

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