Sunday, 21 November 2010

Flamenco Show at the culture Box in Dublin (20th Nov 2010)

I had the pleasure to attend this flamenco show with the flamenco singer Olayo Jimenez with a great clean strong voice, accompanied by the talented guitarist Lucas Gonzalez and by the elegant and passionate flamenco dancer Felipe de Algeciras organized by the Irish Peña Flamenca El Indalo!

The magic of Flamenco is that it brings happiness and positive energy to the audience,no matter the nationality. At the beginning of the show the public was shy and only moving slightly their feet but this changed quickly when Felipe and Olayo started to show us how to palm and gave us some basic flamenco singing lessons! I'm impressed about my singing skills "lerele,lerele laaaaaaaaaa" even the non hispanic audience could follow.

One of the highlight of the nights for me was the original interpretation of Olayo of Rocio's Jurado song "se nos rompi'o el amor" !

Felipe's powerful "taconeo" (shoe heels clicking typical of Flamenco dancers) throughout the show following the palming and voice of Olayo and excellent guitarist Lucas made us smile and enjoyed the night while drinking a complimentary glass of red wine.

The night ended up with some volunteers to come to the stage to dance some "Sevillanas" (popular flamenco dance that I learned when I was a teenager) , I was seated in the front row and then the dancer,Felipe looked at me and said " tu sabes bailar sevillanas, a que si? (you can dance sevillanas, can't you?), of course I couldn't lie and i went to the stage along with other volunteers. Actually it was the first time I danced sevillanas with a live singer behind my back, what a feeling!

What else can you ask for ? For one night I felt closer to my Andalusian roots at the heart of Dublin's temple bar! I can't wait for the Flamenco Xmas party on the 11th of December, who wants to join us? there will be Spanish traditional Xmas sweets and of course a lot of flamenco!!!

In the videos you can see> Belencita dancing Sevillanas with other volunteers, Felipe dancing and the performance of Olayo of "se nos rompi'o el amor"

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