Saturday, 11 June 2016

Thinking of going to the cinema? See below a short review of the movies I have seen recently by Belen Delgado

As you may know, I moved to Singapore a few months ago, I no longer have the cinema membership card but we have kept up with the tradition of going to the cinema a few times a month since it is since we love doing. Choices of movies to see is much more limited here but we have been lucky, out of the last 4 movies we have seen, there is only 1 that I would not recommend seeing. Let me start telling you a bit about each of them:

Me Before You ( Recommended for romantic movie lovers!)- 2016

In a scale from 1 to 10 for romantic movies, I'd give it a 9 just based on the fact that I truly believed their love story and those emotions made me cry like a baby. I have not cried with a movie so much for a very long time. You know when you go to see a film with a friend and/or your husband/boyfriend and they start laughing at you because they notice that you are sobbing in public? Well, that was me yesterday. I just could not control myself. If you check "Rotten Tomatoes" Review the audience give it a 82% but critics give it a 57%. I can see why critics may have given it a lower score, it does not have a super original plot and you cannot call it a "master piece", however sometimes a simple story that the public can relate to , played by 2 excellent actors, can touch the audience. The movie is an adaptation of the bestseller book by Jo Jo Moyes. It is about a relationship that blossoms between a paralyzed young handsome Londoner and a his bubbly happy-go-lucky caretaker.  And have I mentioned that Sam Claflin is such a handsome and charming British man?

See trailer of the movie below:

Equals ( Not great acting but entertaining) - Romantic-Sci-fi film - 2016

We went to see this film because some of it was set in Singapore but we did not know much about the plot. Well, it turned out to be very entertaining. If you ask me to give it a score, I'd give it a 6.5 since I think they could have done much more with the idea that having emotions will be considered a "terminal illness" in the future and the world will be ruled by multinationals that will have heavy controls to make sure that no-one has emotions and they are able to just go to work, eat & sleep and eliminate anything-else that could provoke any type of feelings. Also I'm not a big fan of Kristen Stewart but It was great to discover Nicholas Hoult . Let me be a bit superficial for a change, if you ask me why I liked the movie, I can highlight 2 things: The utter perfection of Nichola's look and I also found very interesting the fact that multinationals could be ruling the world and getting rid of anyone that has feelings. In a way, that is not very far from what many big business would like to have to be even more profitable. If emotions come in the way of business goals/priorities, they may not be achieved. Who knows if in the near future the so-called illness in the movie "sos" will actually exist and big multinationals will have the utter control of the world!. "Rotten Tomatoes" critics gave it a score of 48%. Not the movie of my life but it was entertaining. Go and see it!

See trailer below:

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising ( Just do not waste your time..) - American Comedy.- 2016

Critics from Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 62% , in this case I have to say that they have been very generous... come on! a 62? and you will be wondering why I went to see this film. Well, the answer is simple.. there were not other movies at the time that we want to go to the cinema. We did not have high expectations. There were a couple of scenes where we laughed but if you ask me if I'd recommend it, I'd say no. Just go and spend your time doing something else. To me, it does not even get a 5.

Mon Roi ( French love story - Highly recommended! ) - 2015

We were very lucky to see this European film in Singapore since there are not many of them in the cinemas. We had to read the subtitles but we did not care, at all. I, personally, love French movies because I know that I'm going to be presented with an original story along with funny & witty dialogues. This is exactly what we got, a unique film about a torrid love story between an emotionally unstable Giorgio and lively Tony. They are both over their 40ies and they go over a passionate but unhealthy love relationship, very far from being a perfect love story. The movie shows that you do not choose who you fall in love with and everything you can put up with if you love someone very much. There is great chemistry between both protagonists. Truly recommended it, I give it an 8.5 out of 10. This film is from 2015 and although we saw it in the cinema a few weeks ago in Singapore, you may not be able to see in the cinemas in your country. Rotten Tomatoes scored it with a 73% ( critics) and 93% ( the audience).

See trailer below:

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