Sunday, 21 September 2014

Recommended movie: Last Woody Allen movie "Magic in the Moonlight"

Last movie from Woody Allen " Magic in the Moonlight" (2014)

Thank you very much Woody for having shared with us this witty romantic comedy with one of my favourite actors, Colin Firth. We were smiling throughout the film and enjoying every dialogue, it really surprised me. I also love the lovely settings, the costumes and surroundings. Some of the highlights for me are when Colin playing Stanley realised that the medium could potentially not be a fraud and start to shout out of joy. The morale of the film is that love is not always rational and sometimes people are even happier if they live in their own world of what they believe to be true rather than trying to always find a logical reasoning behind everything. I remember to have had a very good feeling after this film ended. A very simple story but with elaborated dialogues that reminded me of the old good movies, where dialogues had a true meaning and special effects did not exist and the storyline was much more important than anything else.

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