Sunday, 2 February 2014

First movie of the year we have seen: Wolf of Wall Street by Belén Delgado Larroy

"My name is Jordan Belfort, The year I turned 26, I made 49 million dollars, which really pissed me off because it was three shy of a million a week" Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street)

Great start of the year using our cinema membership with this excellent movie by well-known director Scorsese. There is so much going on in the movie: People getting out of control with drugs, alcohol, sex and money that it was hard to believe that it's actually based on a true story. I do hope they win a lot of oscars, every single character in the film has a very peculiar personality and deserve some recognition. The main highlights for me  were the different crazy scenes of the parties they had in the office; also when Jordan Belfort (played y Di Caprio) meets Mark Hannah played by Matthew McConaughey and they go for lunch and the scenes to pass the money over to Switzerland. Yesterday, I saw in an interview that Matthew explained that the gesture of hitting his own chest with the fist that they do in the film, it's something that they came up with after Scorsese saw that Matthew was doing that before starting the scene. It seems that it's something he does to get into the mood of a scene and to prepare his voice and Scorsese liked it for the film. No need to say that Di Caprio plays a superb role, it's quite real to me when he plays all those scenes with him being high taking different drugs, I personally remember the one where he can barely walk and crawls to try to get into the car (class!). Last but not least, I'd like to mention actor Jonah Hill, he usually plays in comedies but in this film he really shows that he can act, his role is so convincing, what a character! He explained in an interview that it was difficult for him to had those fake teeth in the movie and that they even fell off in one of the scenes. The only criticism that I have for this movie is that it's a bit too long (3 hours), I would have get rid of 20 mins of it but apart from this, I really liked it and I recommend it to those who think they have seen it all. Sometimes reality overcomes fiction and this film is the proof. It's unbelievable what money and greed can do to people. The last thought from me would be, I'm surprised Jordan is still alive after having that hectig and unhealthy life style!

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