Sunday, 20 May 2012

Movie time with Tim Burton: Dark Shadows (2012)

As a fan of Tim Burton, I had to go to see "Dark Shadows". Johnny Depp plays very well his funny-weird role of the vampire Barnaba Collins and besides, at his age he still looks bloody attractive even with exaggerated make-up trying to make him look like a vampire! You can clearly see Tim Burton's touch in the photography with the combination of colors and objects, which looks like a illustrated horror book (I loved for example the simple scene of the governess when she gets to Collin's house for the first time and she is in the stairs), the creepy looking family and landscapes, the ghosts, the dark touch of some scenes (the make-up, the clothing and of course blood), the story-telling touch and the funny lines in the most unexpected moments. Tim Burton this time relied on a good number of good well-known actors: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer (she is still looking good after all these years!), Helena Bonham Carter and beautiful actress Angelique Bouchard (gee she is scary! I wouldn't like to have her angry at me!). All and all, I was happy I went to see it, I was entertained. Some moments reminded me of Scissors Hands or Beetlejuice, both Tim Burton's films that I have seen countless times! Some of my highlights scenes of Dark Shadows: The Scene when Eva Green gives his heart to Collin's; the original sex scene between Eva and Collin's and one of the first scenes when Barnaba Collin's jumps out of the Cliffs. Of course one of my favorite characters of this films is the old woman living in the mansion, her small role in this film is superb! (lol) I'd say that I recommend this film if you like Burton's style, otherwise you may not like it. The plot is simple, there is no complicated thread there, it's simply another chance to see Burton's unique style and this time even produced by Johnny Depp.

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